Cards received so far, in random order (well... if you must know: in order received...):

semeuse, house of refuge. Nice subject, I really like the colours.
Roger Thoms, yard office. You just can tell that the building makes a great subject for B&W photos, and you have certainly nailed it. Great contrast with enough details in shadows and highlights.
Dave Martiny. Interesting. The subject keeps puzzling me, but that's part of what makes it a great shot. Did I mention "interesting"?
rst, no pinhole this round, but a great shot, soft, quiet; like you describe: before the tourists gather. I really like the look and feel of the paper too. I might have to try the Adox Fineprint Classic (so much to try, so little time).
ccross, the flowing water, the black border, the paper negative experiment, it all works out great.
mooseontheloose, Tiger's nest monastery. I can't begin to describe it. If I would have any fresh HIE, I would send it to you; you do wonders with it. I hope you still have some stock and will continue to surprise us.
hpulley. You really make an everyday scene look special. The way you printed this... I love the colours and the contrast.
Trond, beach. An interesting perspective, a different look at the subject.
George Nova Scotia, cold steel. The subject, the lighting, the exposure, it all comes together, great shot.
Valerie, art car. Strange how the human mind works; to me, this is a B&W photo with lots of colour in it.
drpsilver, country church. The light falling on the church, the dark trees behind; great combination.
hwv, Eiffel Tower. It's not easy to get an original shot of such a landmark, but you have managed! I like the angle, and the dramatic effect. Danke schön!
ndrs, self portrait with bricks. This is one of my favourites this round. So simple, yet effective. I just keep looking...
andrew.vartabedian, also a shot to keep looking at. Every now and then I turn the card another 90 degrees, and another. I think I know the correct orientation, but it works either way.
Allen Friday, Dry Falls. Trees grow upwards, don't they? The shot also works when rotated 180 degrees. Interesting. And just the right shutter time.

And that concludes my first (hence biggest) update on cards received this round. And a great round it is. Looking forward to the remaining cards.