I've just installed a wall mounted Devere 504 and this has given me two redundent enlargers both which can cover 6x9 format. one is an meopta Magnifax with both colour and B&W condenser head neg masks covering 35mm,6x6 and glass which you can then adjust the blades inthe neg carrier. It has a new transformer, two lens mounting plates, fine focus knob and extension and is in excellent condition.
The other is autofocus Leitz Focomat IIc. This cost me an arm and a leg ten years ago but has been my main enlarger for that time. The neg carrier is superb, its a shame others have not followed this example, anyway this enlarger is purly B&W has a glass neg carrier that has several masks some of which I have made myself for the oversize printing. I also have two other neg carriers one is a fixed 35mm the other is aglassless 6x7 I think. Anyway if you are interested then PM.