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Except you are wrong. He can not buy these and get a massive discount, because he buys from official Australian distributors, from who he already buys the same volume of products as he would otherwise be buying...
OK, so then the retailers now have two choices. They can either

1. Target the official importers and threaten to take them to the ACCC for price gouging or profiteering or some other anti competitive behaviour, or

2. Choose to import via a non official channel, thus making it a grey import with no mfg. warranty but instead offer their own warranty service (many companies do this with extended warranties, suck as Mack, so it wouldn't be too hard for a big retailer such as Harvey Norman to set up their own warranty system for the first year as the official importer then won't be interested in handling any warranty claims. Also get a 3rd party to service any serviceable claims, or simply just replace it for a new one if that is cheaper)

In a capitalist society the big manufacturers are taking advantage of the fact that there is nothing stopping them from charging whatever they can get away with. They will claim the economy of scale (Australia having <10% of the population of the US) forces them to keep their prices high, but that's only a small part of the reason.