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John -
I'm glad things are okay for Dolly. I have a friend in her early 30s and she is on a 4 month follow up schedule, so I have seen how hard this can be to go through.

Thanks Jeff.

Our best wishes for your friend. We were very lucky this time. There are so many that are not. Several Apug friends have told us privately of their less happy experience. I hope they will accept our prayers, hopes and good wishes.

We were so impressed with the huge, brand new, Womenís Heath Care facility, the fact that they could take Dolly on short notice, have a specialist examine and evaluate the images at once, and that this was absolutely free to someone walking into the Cleveland Clinic. We asked twice if they wanted to see our insurance card. Some one has donated a lot of money for a very good cause. If that is not an incentive for an annual examine I donít know what is.

There were signs everywhere proclaiming that the Clinic is rated the 4th best hospital in the US, thanking both employees and patients. A big thank you from John & Dolly.

John & Dolly