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BTW, why is this discussion in the Alternative Photography forum?

Should it not be under B&W or Exposure?

Sandy, may not have been the best place for this...but I ask here since the prints from the negatives are intended for alternative process (Ziatypes,
plt/pld prints). Sean if you feel it needs to be moved, by all means feel free to move it.

Mike, what a great response...really never know quite how to respond to the 'reactive' responses to zone system or BTZS questions but feel quite like you that the whole thing is more scientific than not.

The purpose of the post is two fold - first wanted to understand what all those numbers/abbreviations are that I see discussed here - you know the 1.30 vs 0.12 and CI vs DR vs etc. In other words, my intent is to understand that if I used film X, exposed at Y and develop using developer A then I can expect the negative to look like P...which might be the kind of negative that I would use to print a Ziatype, on the other hand if the intended print is to be made on VC silver paper, I might want to make an adjustment to exposure or development or some other variable.

If this seems like a lot of trouble to some, and it may be - but I ENJOY THIS PART OF THE PROCESS, just as much. If it's not your thing that is OK, just skip over these types of post. Since I have not found what works for me (or maybe I haven't realized it yet), asking those members here that are willing to share what they know is useful. Will I chose the zone system, BTZS, a combination of the two, or something else? Heck, I don't know yet..what I intend to use is what I find works for me, something that will help me enjoy making photographs and consistently produce the type of negatives that will allow me to print what ever type I choose.

Thanks to all that have responded, it's the input from everyone that is important...how we choose to use it is up to us.