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We are glad you came. It is the people who attend that make these events what they are. We just order the porta potty, mow the lawn and provide the crazy dogs.

Baring unforeseen surprises, of which we are painfully aware, I plan to go to the show and am always happy to see us work up a group lunch.

For more specifics, here is what is on the Photorama site
“Sunday August 28th
4742 Breckville Rd., Route 77, use Exit 145,
North on Route 21.,Richfield, Oh
Admission $6/5 With Ad Students $2.00 w/ID
contact Igor - igorcamera@adelphia.com
OPEN TO PUBLIC 10-4pm For Info:440-248-8604”

If you come by Ohio Turnpike it is Exit 173.

This is right across the street from the Richfield Family Restaurant where we breakfasted the Saturday of our gathering.

If anyone wants to come, camp over night, shoot early and attend the show, our back yard awaits you.

Thanks for the heads up on this John!