"I'm much sicker than you" - Well, having 3 Contax cameras seems more commendable than sick.

That FR looks like the business. I received The FX 70 today; it's new old stock. A light camera, feels good in the hand, the controls a bit lightweight (the shutter control with the little plastic lock is fiddly), but the viewfinder is bright and clear.

ffordes has a few contax mm lenses for sale, but none of the faster ones. A 35mm f2.8 - a focal length I like but since I already use some fixed-lens rangefinders, a longer focal length may be the ticket. I enjoyed shooting Konica AR 135 3.2 - lovely rendition, but usually too long for most work. I'll have to find out more about the 35mm, 50mm, and portrait choice of Contax lenses. I'm not hung up on very fast lenses for the SLRs.