Having mailed a check from Ohio on July 31st, my copy arrived today (8/11/2011) with a little puzzle that soon cleared itself. The return address label on the box showed “J. Armin Rust, Attorney at Law”

Opening the book, the dedication reads,
“for J. Armin Rust, the best friend an artist could have.
And for Erica Weston, who suggested the book.”

Erica’s website reads,
“Erica Weston Editions was formed in 2011 by Erica Weston and J. Armin Rust. Erica is the daughter of photographer Brett Weston and the grandaughter of photographer Edward Weston. J. Armin Rust is a noted photographic collector. The first publication of Erica Weston Editions is A Restless Eye, the definitive biography of Brett Weston by John Charles Woods.” http://ericawestoneditions.com/pages/about.htm

I love the stories behind the stories. Tell us more Merg.

The book looks beautiful, great vintage well printed photos, beautiful text on quality paper. I will start reading it tonight. It looks like a very good buy for anyone trying to decide.

John Powers