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I have Rollei Digibase C41 colour bleacher + fixer and Rollei part A+B+C c41 developer! A stupid question but this is the chemicals I need to use to develop colour film yes?

I am confused by the 3 part developer- as I have developed black and white before and the process was far simpler!
Yes, in case you missed it, the Rollei part A+B+C color developer must be premixed according to the instructions before you use it.

It is intended to be reused. I don't know the recommendations on the sheet but many people report getting 20 rolls developed from 1 liter of Rollei developer (YMMV)

So, after mixing everything according to the instructions you should have 4 bottles. Color Developer, Bleach, Fix, Stabilizer. Return each to their container after use.

The only functional difference between black and white and this C41 kit is the extra bleaching step. (temperature is also important)