has anyone tried the Speedball Diazo Sensitizer?
it is available seperately, without the emulsion - for about $/€6 for 2 oz.

but this might be something completely different than the chemicals discussed in this thread, because the MSDS mentions
- Polymethylene-p-Diazo Benzene Dye (CAS #71550-45-3)
- Phosphoric Acid (CAS #7664-38-2)
as ingredients.
probably worth a try though...

did anyone have any luck obtaining the pure chemical or "hardener no.3" so far?
i just saw this posted on the b&s board: http://www.pjschemicals.com/prodlist.htm
being a source from europe, this is very interesting to me. but all those chemical names sure are confusing. and all of their chemicals come as a powder. would that be more hazardous to handle than a solution?

and the "hardener no.3" is mentioned as being a substitute for the dichromates. would this stuff also work with the other colloids, like gum, casein etc.?
and the stuff stays in the printed image after processing? it does not wash out as the dichromate does? i guess this won't affect the stability of the prints (... hence the ULTRASTABLE name).