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The plain vanilla 50/2 AI punches way above its weight on film(or<<gasp>>digital)bodies. For the money, probably at or near the top of the Nikon 50mm heap.
A fine lens, to be sure. My issue with it is that it is several stops slower than the other offerings, which can make manual focusing a real challenge for some.

...particularly on the some of the dark- or small- viewfinder dslrs that we won't discuss here ....

For ease of focus, I would argue for the 1.2, though I realize that it is beyond many budgets, and I will also admit that it is more of an available-light trick lens than an all 'round value.

I frequently lament the lack of a normal pancake on my manual focus Nikons. A high quality pancake should be possible now with all the whizbang optical technology out there. There should be a good dslr market for a good pancake too. What's up, Nikon???!