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For the 2 chemicals I received samples of, and based on the MSDS sheets I received with them, I would say that handling them poses no greater risk to human health, than say, handling selenium toner powder or dichromate powders. Appropriate care should be taken to protect your eyes, skin, respiratory tract and other mucous membranes from airborne dust and direct contact. As always, it is up to the individual user to review all safety information regarding a specific chemical or process, and take all necessary measures to protect oneself.

but the lower toxicity is one of the main points to switch from the dichromate. or at least it is for me, since i'm looking for something i can use in my improv-dim room with less of a headache.

i just checked the MSDS for the "hardener no.3" substance from TCIEurope and it's listed as "flammable solid- cat. 2" and "acute toxicity oral/dermal/inhalation - cat. 4".
4 is the lowest possible category. this should be quite an improvement to the dichromate.

unfortunately i couldn't find anything at Omikron, the place in germany where i can usually order strange chemicals from . i'll email foto suvatlar- a small chemistry shop specialized on photo stuff - who has been very helpful to me in the past. maybe they can come up with something.

thanks a lot for posting the results for the second speedball batch. i'll skip the stuff then and order something from kiwo for first experiments.