The 'uncommented' pile has reached a critical mass for my tatses, so I decided to act. My most recent round of comments follow:

andrew.vartabedian – Trestle, Duck Hollow. A nice low key image. Good symmetry, and nice placement of detail in select shadow areas of the print. Excellent deep DOF. I am left intrigued as to what there was to stand on to take the picture, given what the frame shows in front of the camera.

Allen Friday – Dry Falls – A nice abstraction, presented in mid tones. In reality I suspect it was an out of focus willow tree blowing in the breeze, or something like that.

Drpsilver ‘St. Pauls, Salt Spring Island’ This print shows the expert use of a field camera's movements to correct for converging straight lines. The exposure shows a great range of tones, and there is great detail, as you would hope to find in a 4x5” negative contact print. Well done.

hpulley- ‘Night Clings’ A fine example of a copper toned picture, and using an image that suits this strong image tone. There is an almost solarized look to parts of the image, and I enjoy the neat tonality of the reflections in the water, all of which I think works very well as a whole. There is still a good range of tones visible, even with the full toning, which from my past dabblings with copper toning, I know is not always an easy thing to do.

Hwv Eiffel Tower This print shows the great use of the placement of all of the image elements within the frame. The linear distortion resulting from sharply tilting the camera up is effectively mitigated by the rendering of the already curved surfaces that are being photographed. I quite like this image. A good match of negative density and paper contrast as well.

Mooseontheloose – ‘Tigers Nest Monastery’ Wow, ‘The IR Gal’ rises again. Rachelle, another excellent image. It shows expert use of the unique rendering capabilities that infrared film offers.

Ndrs ‘self portrait with bricks’ I enjoy the very neat echo of the shape of the silhouette in the spalled area of the wall, where the parging has flaked off. A nice low key image. All elements of it are placed well, and there is good tonality in the rendering of all surfaces where detail is expected to be found.

Trond I enjoyed the wide white border used as a part of this print. It acts like a matt , as though this small print was ‘framed’ The image itself works well also. I enjoy the parallel lines that result from the board in the sand being aligned with the water line. The space between these shows a neat fill of footsteps. A nice mid toned print.

Valerie – ‘Though the Gift Shop’ A proud square image, printed in a manner that echoes that which Polaroid prints of days past showed. A very cool subject. I enjoy the way the image spills at the edges of the negative carrier also.