Hmm, ok. So how then do the "Daylight Spools" work for the films that don't have rem jet? Is it just assumed that the combination of several wraps of film are going to block "enough" of the light so as to not fog the whole roll when being loaded?

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Amongst the many freaky characteristics of Kodak's 5360 Direct MP film (or 2360, the Estar-based variant I've been playing with) is the fact that the unexposed film looks like a translucent red filter. You can see right through the stuff! I haven't measured it with a densitometer but it sure looks like the developed film is denser. While the black areas aren't quite as densely black as a normal negative film (some of which might just be from the clear base), they certainly look denser than the unexposed film. The red is just a dye that washes out.
Interesting! Perhaps Photo Engineer would know if it is possible that the film really is more dense after the developing? You might be in the same situation I am in... Where the subjective perception of the color makes it hard to judge by eye what is actually happening with the amount of light transmission through the film.