Peak Imaging are a very good lab for E6. Turnaround times are very good. The most important thing is the quailty of the processed slides,that is where i find Peak to differ from the labs i've used in the past. The quailty is of a very high standard. The slides are very clean to my eye,also saturation,and sharpness seems that little bit better than the other labs i've used. I have used Peak for maybe 50 rolls of process only slide film this year,and these are mainly single roll processing orders at a time. I have noticed each order has the same standard of processing quailty as the last batch. I guess the Refrema processing has an effect on the quailty,as i don't think the labs i used in the past used Dip and Dunk processing.

I have a roll of Velvia to process, so i will send the film to The Darkroom in Cheltenham,after hearing so many good reviews about the lab. They have been very helpfull and quick to answer a few question i had via email. Looking forward to seeing the service and processing quailty these guys are offering.