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Michael as far as we are concerned Sean who runs APUG ruled you out a few weeks ago back in past #174, there was a majority in the poll against you/an individual being the selector.

What's your problem with that ?

You don't need to sell yourself, we can make our own judgements.

The major suggestion has been that you have nothing what so ever to do with the selection, and that hasn't changed.

I agree. And I have the feeling that some think this project is more about them than APUG. Begone to cultivate your own sparkling legacy then. Charge to judge my photographs? LOL Get a clue. Democracy might be a useful concept to apply.

Who ever runs this project should be truly humbled by the opportunity to work to serve the people who contribute their amazing work that appears on APUG. Work which is not always mere homage to Adams.

I do hope that Sean will not reward any self-serving propositions with the APUG logo.