Just for a little perspective...

I've gone through all 28 pages of this thread and here are some stats:


272 posts

58 contributors:

-Of the 58 contributors, the most prolific (that's 8 of us (13.7%), including me) which I count at 10 or more posts each, have made 147 posts, or 54% of all postings to this thread.

-25 contributors (43%) have only made one post.

-I realize that not everyone who is interested in the book has contributed to this thread (or to the survey, which had 106 completed responses), but the numbers are still very low. Are 500-1000 people really going to commit to buy the book?

Other thoughts based on the forum thread and the survey results:

-A few people have indicated that they want someone outside of APUG to take over this project.
-A few other people have indicated that they prefer that this be handled by a group of people, either within or without APUG
-Many people have objected to one person taking over this project.
-Some people are assuming the worst of everyone, and of this project, and I really don't know why.

-Some people have taken offense at a small group of people (and yes, I am one of them) trying to sift through all of the requests to make something that is APUG-oriented and acceptable to most of the membership. To be clear, not one of us has gone behind anyone's back. I think we were just people who somehow got accidentally caught up with wanting to help create a successful APUG project and went forward with it. I do apologize for any offence this has caused, especially if my contributing to it makes people uncomfortable.

We are doing are best to finalize what we think would be acceptable selection criteria, publisher, selection committee (for the images), timelines, etc. We have been working on this for the past two weeks and are nearly there.