I'm going trekking in Nepal soon and I'm planning on taking a plate camera that weighs 2kg (Perka 9x12).

My current Manfrotto tripod and head seems far too big and heavy for trekking (2.6kg), and I'm thinking about getting a Gitzo 1541T or 1542T. Is anyone using one of these tripods with a plate camera / other decent sized camera? I have searched for answers on this...found a few similar questions, but not many answers.

Failing that, any other light weight tripod recommendations? Light heads, for that matter too. I looked at a 1541 and a 1542 in a shop today (with the plate camera), quite liked the legs, wasn't so keen on the GH1781 head (for a quick release head, it wasn't very quick, and didn't seem so stable either).