Ok, I've decided that I will try and go through with actually printing, first off starting with printing at night and then eventually building a permanent darkroom. I've been eyeing off an ebay auction which is listing an lpl c7700 enlarger + trays + lights +easel, the problem is that I already have an enlarger but I don't have trays/safelight/ or an easel. I can probably buy the 3 tray brand new from vanbar for around $20 so is it possible to live without a safelight (e.g. just use the enlarger with the red safelight to illuminate the room a bit) and is an easel necessary for holding the paper flat or is it mainly for framing purposes? Alternatively I guess there might be a cheap option for trays like getting some plastic storage containers from a homeware store and I hope they would have tongs aswell.

Finally the only other thing I need to get is a paper developer and some paper, what is a classic combination for the beginner kinda similar to how kodak tri-x and d76 is meant to be a traditional combo. However I have read that paper developers have a subtle impact at best and that ilford rc papers are decent to start off with; is this the right track?

Thanks for the help guys!