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The 200 Series have focal plane shutters, don't they?

At first glance, I thought "no eletronic contacts" meant "no flash synchronization".
Taken verbatum from the Hasselblad website:
"The "E" in the CFE designation stands for Electronic, indicating that the CFE lenses, in addition to all improvements of the CFi lenses, also feature databus connections for transmitting lens data to the metering system of the 200 series cameras."

Aren't all those "newer lens designs" equipped with a locking PC socket, and missing EV scales and an IR reference mark?
Yes, no (it has EV scales), and yes

Additionally from the Hasselblad website, CFI/CFE lenses have:
New internal design and new anti-reflection materials reducing stray-light to a minimum, thus enhancing the image contrast even more.
Improved design and a new main spring made of the specially durable material NIVAROX, which prolongs the life and increases the lasting precision of the leaf shutter.
A new PC-socket with a positive lock, which secures the flash contact even better.
A redesigned focusing mechanism, which runs even smoother.
A new reinforced and integrated rear bayonet plate providing more rigidity.
A new front bayonet in a durable non-metallic material, which withstands wear substantially better than previous designs.
A new external design providing increased handling comfort and is styled to fit the Hasselblad cameras more pleasingly.