I really don't get it. In my first long posting on this thread I predicated that some would take offense at my suggestions and indeed they have.

Anyone who has read my postings to this thread can clearly see that they are thoughtful.

I have made many positive suggestions and specific proposals. How Mr. Grant can say that I have not is a mystery to me.

Grant: "It's about a book that represents APUG in the best possible way, that's inclusive, gives every one a chance of having an image selected while being a true representation of the 10 years of APUG."

Well, duh. Of course it is. Nothing I have ever written would imply anything different.

Grant: "All any of us want is a book that's for all of us not an exclusive publication of a few prolific posters."

Well, duh again. All my suggestions and efforts have gone exactly to that end.

Since I have clearly explained that I am open to all types of photography (see previous posts for details), perhaps Mr. Grant or some of the others can tell me why they object to my making the selections--anonymously. Is it that they are prolific posters and are afraid their work would not be included? Or is it something else? And if something else, what?

I would think that if a group of "prolific posters" got together and made the selection not anonymously that favoritism would come into play. And even if the selections were ostensibly anonymous there would still be favoritism as these folks have looked at the APUG galleries and already know some of the work. Seems profoundly undemocratic to me, despite seeming more democratic than having one person make the selection who is previously unfamiliar with all of the work that would be submitted.

Michael A. Smith