The project is likely a bit ahead of itself in that numbers are the key aspect before getting too involved. Not to be negative, but 500-1000 books seems highly unlikely to me. Based on the activity I have seen in this thread and survey I would realistically put the purchase range of an APUG book to 50-150 books max. That would leave a huge burden on those involved and those who have submitted work to offset the cost. That in itself would drive costs further up reducing submissions, purchases. Having people responsible for their own scans could be very risky and costly to them further reducing submissions and be a logistical nightmare of sorts. I would say get a solid 500 willing to buy a book, then work out the logistics of how to proceed from there. I don't think it will be anywhere near 500 (especially in this economy), but would love to be proven wrong. I am happy to run a "Would you pre-purchase an APUG Book?" type of notice in all forum headers for a week or so to finally get some figures if you want..