Get Freestyle involved. Have them sponsor, carry, and push the book. And have their board of photographic professionals jury the show (anonymously). Accompany the book release with a gallery show at Freestyle. That keeps APUG folks out of the selection process, but ensures that it is in the hands of dedicated analog photo folk. And it helps out financially, and opens up the product to a much wider group of potential purchasers. If prolific posters are not included, that's just how the cookie crumbles. You take that risk when submitting work to a selection board. This is not about WHO gets in; it's about WHAT gets in. It is about putting together a bunch of fine work that will promote analog photography and APUG, not about inflating egos or granting rewards for contribution.

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Is it that they are prolific posters and are afraid their work would not be included?
That is exactly it, Mr. Smith. It is fear of a bruised ego. Balls to that. If you ain't gettin' yer ego bruised on a daily basis, you ain't livin'!