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Michael the majority don't want MAS to select work, so I'm just one of that MAJORITY so please don't get personal. My reasons for objecting to MAS being the selector are my own business and based on my own opinions, which ironically I have alluded to in the past in other threads.

It's time you made some positive suggestions, instead of snide comments, no-one has suggested that "some APUG panel of "prolific posters" is going to do the selection except you more than once.

You were asked if you'd help towards this project, because it's based on a broad consensus and also takes into account the Poll that was conducted, and you said no, so please don't go making false statements about this project or peoples motives.

It's about a book that represents APUG in the best possible way, that's inclusive, gives every one a chance of having an image selected while being a true representation of the 10 years of APUG.

Finally Michael don't assume that what I might have suggested in the early parts of these threads is what will happen, there's been a lot of thought and discussion to ensure that all interests are catered for. All any of us want is a book that's for all of us not an exclusive publication of a few prolific posters, that would actually be a very much easier project

Sorry about that I didn't mean to be snide or offend people. And you are correct I have been complaining from the beginning about the potential for this to be a showcase for the more popular or prolific posters rather than an APUG book, so point taken. But you have to admit, you made the point several times early on in the thread that the most prolic posters (your own words) we not commenting. That's part of what got me going on this issue. From the beginning your view seems to have been that this cannot happen without the participation of certain people, and that we need to make sure they are not offended etc. You were also the first, I believe, to inform us of side conversations taking place behind the scenes, and have been most adamant in your objection to Michael Smith's participation in anything other than the book printing. Maybe your worry is this would end up being more of a MAS book than an APUG book. Not sure. Anyhow I guess I'm just overly suspicious of egos and such. Sorry again if my posts have been offensive.

Also regarding my refusal to participate at the steering level, there are simple pragmatic reasons for that, most importantly, I have zero experience with publication, books etc. I don't even know the intricacies of the various printing methods. I've never even entered my work in competitions or juried contests. So I'm not sure what real value I could have added.

Anyhow no hard feelings I hope.