Sold?? I would receive zero money from any sale. it would be an APUG book, with APUG ISBN, etc. not a Lodima Press book.

Re: the $50 for fifteen minutes that you object to for a critique. Since you are inside the beltway you probably are fairly intelligent. Therefore, I cannot understand why you cannot read that there is NO CHARGE for looking at work. For an in-depth critique, which would be ONLY if someone wanted it--NOT REQUIRED, $50 for 15 minutes is a bargain.

if that figure sounds high to you, consider what a lawyer charges for 15 minutes, to deal with something that most be probably prefer not to have to deal with. I assume that anyone who would be interested in a serious and deep critique considers photography to be something central to their lives. $50 for 15 minutes for something central to ones life is indeed a bargain. Photographers pay a lot more than that to get portfolio reviews at conferences, which usually last 20 minutes. I know. I have done that at those kinds of events. I also know that many of the reviewers are not helpful to the photographers.

I may have written this previously: In all workshops most have a good time and learn from a little to a lot, but afterward they do not necessarily make better pictures. After our workshop almost everyone make better pictures. And that is due in large part to our critiques.

Michael A. Smith