The problem with a popularity vote would be that you'd end up with a book of sunsets, kittens and the hottest busty bra-less babes on APUG, without critical regard for technical or artistic quality. Just as there are many people here who would not submit work to any publication that is un-juried/edited/critiqued, there are an equal number who would not submit to anything that ISN'T juried/edited/critiqued. Not to fault either side, but quite frankly, I don't think there has ever been a successful, long-lasting art publication that has not had a discreet vision, well articulated, guiding and shaping the final product. Would any of you out there look at Vogue (or GQ, or LIFE) if they did not have a strong editorial vision controlling content? Producing a book is not a democratic exercise- there are too many moving parts that need coordination, and authors (or photographers, or any other producers of intellectual content) are always their own worst editors. Yes, it does mean that the final product is highly reflective of the vision of the editor, and may include or exclude content based upon that person's taste, but I'd rather have that than unintelligible chaos. I can use my own brain to perceive and filter the biases of the editor - if for example, they choose not to include any nudes in a volume of photos, I can deduce that they have a personal bias against such work, and would not assume that they did not find any quality work of that category to include.