I've been away for a while and this thread has grown considerably! I had a look at the LFP book as suggested, and liked what Frank had to say in his opening statement:

"......This book is a small sampling of the range of work being done by forum members. Some of the photos here are indeed a beginner's best effort, while many of the images are from seasoned professionals and established artists. This mix represents the demographic mix of the forum itself and it is probably why the forum has been so long-lasting and successful."

Putting together a book is a painstaking process, and certainly needs to be thoroughly investigated prior to deciding which avenue to take regarding the final printing.

Others thoughts regarding an all encompassing book vs. a selected works edition raise the obvious question of cost and how these works are selected or grouped.

As a former member of several photographic associations, I have a small collection of each association's "Yearbooks" (for want of a better description) which comprise of the winning entries from their annual competitions. They certainly show the "best of the best" for that year, as selected by their judging panel for each selected category. Naturally, entry fees would have covered the cost of printing (along with sponsorship), and every member had a chance to enter. The resulting images were not always to everyone's taste, but they made the cut: to each his own.

The "all in" venture would seem to be better suited to a POD direction, as a "Selected Works" edition implies to me at least, to be a showcase of *the* best work available on APUG.

Regardless of which route it eventually takes, it is not something that can be achieved without forethought, planning and a strong idea of what it is truly promoting. Once you have these things nailed down, only then could the design and printing start.

A survey sent to all members to gauge reaction would be an ideal place to start - anything less couldn't really be an acceptable decision. After all it's an APUG book and every member should be given the opportunity to have his/her say as to what format the book should take.