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it seems that blurp offers a money back guarantee for defective books
i don't really understand the hassle other than exchanging it
i trying to find out how that works, do they pay for shipping
and return shipping /rma &C ...

while i love books, hand crafted and well printed books
at a certain point one has to realize that a small group can't afford
those sorts of things unless someone else is paying for it
I've experienced the problem of bad printing with Blurb - the first set were printed in the EU and the second in AU (I think).

First set had lovely toning on the cover, the second akin to dirty heads on an Epson printer - lines all over it and the tone was awful!

I contacted them with scans to show the appalling difference (and their apparent lack of concern with quality control) and they sent me another set gratis, in all formats that were originally ordered.

Kudos for their response, but admit I'm worried that what I order, may not be the same as what *you* order with respect to quality. They need to ensure that regardless of where the book is printed, the quality and printing remains the same, other wise it rather defeats the purpose.