I can probably buy the 3 tray brand new from vanbar for around $20 so is it possible to live without a safelight (e.g. just use the enlarger with the red safelight to illuminate the room a bit) and is an easel necessary for holding the paper flat or is it mainly for framing purposes?

You can get away without proper trays, but don't get trays with a flat bottom, as suction can cause the paper to stick to the bottom of the tray.

You rally do need a safelight - it makes printing far easier. You can pick up a cheap second hand safelight filter somewhere for a few $$ (or PM me - I probably have something floating around).

Easel - you can get away without one, as RC paper sits pretty flat on it's own. When I ran a commercial lab I used to use a large ceramic floor tile which had thick cardboard stuck to 2 edges. I would use a old sheet of paper to focus/compose on. You can do the same with a piece of MDF - either cut the MDF to size and stick some feet on the bottom so it doesn't slide around on the baseboard, or use alarger piece and put some cardboard on the 2 edges. Trace around some old prints with a texta so you have the various print sizes for composition..