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Until we get beyond "my print won't...." mentality, no consensus will ever emerge. We evaluate and critique images all day long on APUG gallery. We can even do a preliminary selection on scanned image by panels, then final print can be sent to a single person for final judgement. But this person who will cast the final judgement will need to be selected by the membership.

This is an enthusiasts' forum. Please never forget that. Each of us are proud of our own accomplishment. If this is going to be a APUG book, it will have to belong to everybody - one way or another. That doesn't necessary mean everyone's work needs to be included.

Before any consensus was formed, Micheal came out and basically declared how it's going to be. People reacted. I'm not surprised at all, how it went down from there.
That's an excellent summation.

Rachelle (mooseontheloose) carried out a survey and based on its results, comments in this thread etc, there's a plan of action in place that Joel is part of and which will be made public in a few days.

I think MicaelR 1974 in his last post put's things into perspective. This is simply an APUG book some people take things to seriousaly, it just need to get done without petty sqabbles.