If you process FB prints in a Jobo tank you’ll likely spoil it.

Jobo drums are made to just accept color prints that are fully encapsulated in a waterproof resin. Since they are waterproof, RC prints don’t expand because the paper doesn’t get wet.

A Jobo 3063 20” x 24” print drum will hold the print with the opposite ends just about touching. As an FB print gets soaked with the water component of processing solutions, it increases size significantly. The paper is constrained end-to-end and by the periphery of the drum. The expanded print will buckle like the corrugated layer of a corrugated cardboard shipping box.

In some cases, the emulsion will be sharply and permanently creased by this buckling. The print can be flattened later, but any sharp creases that form are permanent. B&W RC prints can be processed in a Jobo drum, but FB is best done in trays or a trough.