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Try Genie Imaging in Wandsworth, South London:


I send all my colour film to them. They usually have a two-day (maximum) turnaround time, and the quality is high--they use dip and dunk processing.

They are currently running a special (it repeats often) of 5.99 + VAT for developing and scanning 120 film. Their usual price (without scanning) is 1.99 + VAT per roll. As I have an Epson V750, I usually just get the film processed and scan it myself.
Having used them, I really can't recommend them.
- They work very hard for the 1.99 headline price, but they get you everywhere else.
-- Price is plus vat, none of the other labs quote ex vat prices
-- The postage is totally disproportionate to their costs, and go up hugely as you add rolls, despite sending 1 sleeved negative being broadly the same cost as 10.
-- You have to pay postage to them. I don't have a problem with that, but it needs to be menitoned when comparing prices. Its about 1.30 these days for a "Parcel", as 35mm film is over 25mm wide. 120 is touch and go.
-- They insist on recorded delivery, despite this adding very little protection against the item going missing. Which means I've got a trip to the delivery office
- They charge extra for push pull (The darkroom don't) AND at this point, another "Item" is added to your basket and (you guessed it), up goes the postage price again!
- Turn around times - My experiences have been 3 working days and 6 working days. That's just film processing, not scanning

Basically, you might save 1/4 over the price of peak by the time you've totted up the extras. But the most unforgivable thing is they forgot to push my film after charging me extra to do it. And yes, it was clearly marked.

These days I do my own, but I've never had any trouble with Peak and the Darkroom, but after 2 batches (the unpushed roll being the in last batch) I've stopped using them