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I've been doing some price shopping for services, and if we go with Blurb, we can get a soft-cover, 8.5 x 11 inch book with up to 120 pages for $35, hard-cover for with dust jacket for $44, hard-cover with imagewrap for $ 47, and ProLine Linen cover with dust jacket for $50. That's a far cry from $100, and well within the budget most people on the survey indicated they would spend. I've seen Blurb books before and they're quite nice. Yes, they're not as nice as what Lodima could do for us, but if we judge by the survey, there's no way we could get 500 people (or 1000) to pony up and buy the entire production run. If we were to go with Michael's suggestion that those buying the book cover the difference, if we had a production run of 1000 books, and 200 people actually bought, then the excess production run would raise the cost per person by a factor of 4- so a $20 book would become an $80 book. If we went with a POD book, the cost would be fixed, per book, never go up, there would be no excess inventory to manage, and to cap it off, there would be no delay between design and production while we wait for checks to come in. Put simply, the logistics of producing the book absolutely dictate that we go with POD.
An unlimited edition...I like it!