There are several other labs in the Philadelphia area.

Since you look to be in my neck of the woods, I recommend Jacks Cameras in NE Philly. It's located at 200 Geiger Road, just off of Red Lion Road. They're not much of a camera store, but they are a full-featured lab. Since they also serve as the outlab for E-6 processing for Southeastern PA and south Jersey camera stores, they are usually able to offer 1 hr. C-41 processing and next-day E-6. The slides and negatives are clean and dust-free, and I've only ever had one issue with their processing (when the E-6 machine broke down while developing my roll).

If you go into the city with any regularity, there is Philadelphia Photographics located at 1021 Arch Street. They are another top-quality lab, and the slides and negatives are always clean. The major difference between them and Jack's is that they individually color-correct each C-41 proof before it's printed, whereas Jack's goes with auto correction. I have heard that the quality here has fallen slightly, but since I haven't been there for a while, I can't vouch either way.

Larmon Photo does a good job with C-41, but they send out E-6 (probably to Jack's) and they are expensive ($15 for C-41 D&P).

As for the Walmart film, Fuji seems to have dropped the Superia branding from its 100 and 200 speed film, while keeping it the same film.

Your best bet for film and supplies is to order online, as local prices tend to be high. That being said, the best two stores for supplies are New York Camera or Allen's in Levittown. No other stores in the area have as wide a selection as these two.

Hope this helps