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If you want to participate, the identities of those organizing this effort are known at this point - feel free to PM us and join in. For the record, we are:

Joel - Guitstik
Rachelle - Mooseontheloose
Ian Grant - Ian Grant
Scott - TheFlyingCamera

This process is somewhat slow by virtue of the fact that we're in four discontiguous time zones (Japan, Central US, Eastern US, Continental Europe) and so conversations don't happen in real time. We are finalizing a lot of details for the project and will be putting out a new announcement in a new thread in the next few days. It should all be much clearer then, and we hope folks will be able to get on board at that time.
Thanks to all four of you for stepping forward and putting time and effort into this.

I especially appreciate the fact that there are people from a lot of different locations working on it.

And I'm sure having a transplanted Canadian on the team helps too .