Thanks for the replies. Your comments tend to confirm my believe that the problem in my photos is processor related, not some issue with my "new" camera. I am going to give NYC a try on my next roll. They are closest of all the stores mentioned.

Larmon is the store where I purchased my Maxxum 9000 back in 1985 (so long ago, sigh), and I knew about them from having purchased an X700, dedicated flash, and two previous electronic flashes previous to the 9000. When I purchased the 9000, I thought to myself that I would never, ever have a need to buy another camera, LOL. It was probably 10 some years later when next I ventured into a store, so proud of the 9000 in my bag, only to be laughed at (literally) by the salesman because this new line of 'xi' cams could do so much more than "that thing" as he called my 9000.

I would never knock those newer cams, but my 9000 was doing a good job for me at the time, so I did not fall for any of the newer cams. The dawning of the computer age rekindled the browser instincts in me, and that's when I became aware of the mighty '9' and have wanted one ever since, although I could never bring myself to shell out the $1,500 to $1,800 required to purchase one new during its prime.

There used to be a Jack's in Southampton that I used to process most of my film. I would come back to pick up my prints to find any number of them posted on a sort of bulletin board they kept for displaying 'better' shots among those that they had processed/printed.

I talked to the Doylestown Jack's this weekend. Almost went there, but it is really a trek for me, and they no longer do 1-hr according to the lady I spoke with. Likely, the NE Philly store is the only one offering 1-hr.

When I used it, my local Jack's carried little in the way of better camera gear, but they did a bang up job on processing.

Thanks again for the replies.