Welcome to the new reality. Reliable, inexpensive 35mm C-41 processing/printing is pretty much done in many places.What remains, generally, are low traffic Fuji and Noritsu mini-labs that get sketchy service and iffy chem monitoring. Minimally competent lab staff are now doing clean-up in aisle 5--along with mauling your negs and botching your prints.

Fuji Superia 200 is a good consumer print film. Its saturation and contrast are a bit toned down relative to Superia 400 with finer grain. Superia 800 (rated at ISO500-640) is actually better if you need the speed.

Sounds like crappy C-41 processing is ruining your fun. The surviving bigbox processors do so little business now that it's almost a blessing when they close--all the better to save you the disappointment. Pay a little more, suck up the extra bother and keep shooting. Processing-wise, it will never be as easy or as cheap as it was only 2-3 years ago.