Also remember that most "1 hour photo" places run their C-41 machines at a higher temeperature, mostly to increase throughput(however, reducing quality, and increasing apparent "grain").

Dust has always been a problem for any lab, and always will be. Its just more of a problem when you have know-nothing employees who don't use gloves when handling film :o! Even pro labs FWIF have this problem these days. The counter-monkees sometimes have little or no knowledge of film or developing, only how to read the price sheet. Its a sad fact, but a truthful one from my experience...

Use a good lab, even if it means sending it out(preferably to a lab that uses "dip-n-dunk" processors, virtually no chance of scratching the film during processing, unlike a roller-transport processor). Spend the extra dough ,and you won't have these headaches, and missed/screwed up shots.

just my $.02