I'm planning a walking tour and photo expedition to San Francisco in September, but as my trip approaches, I keep coming across more and more stories like this:


and this:


Interestingly, while I tend to shoot architecture and urbanscapes, I actually took some pictures of a mother and daughter at a playground when I was last in San Francisco a couple decades ago. You can bet I won't be doing that again.

The last time I was in New York I was harassed by a building security guard who told me to stop shooting pictures of a Manhattan office building from the sidewalk out in front. As we all know, being in the right doesn't necessarily protect you from someone who insists you're wrong.

So, while I've been excited about the upcoming trip, I now find myself dreading a encounter with someone who is anxiously trying to prevent the next 9/11 by challenging anyone with a camera. Are the days of artistic cityscape photography behind us? Is it worth the hassle anymore? Even more importantly, I'd be interested in what kind of experiences people have been having in San Francisco lately.