So despite living in B.C. for a year and a half, I never made it to Victoria (or any part of Vancouver Island). But I'll be flying home this weekend from Japan, and rather than my usual layover in Vancouver, I've decided to catch the ferry after my flight on Thursday and spend a few days in Victoria before flying out to see my family on Monday.

I'll have three full days there - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Of course I'll probably do the usual spectrum of touristy things while there, but I'm interested in any photographic opportunities, in addition to any interesting photo exhibitions going on, that people might suggest.

I'm also willing to do a day trip out of the city, but it has to be accessible by public transportation (or possibly bicycle), as I won't be able to drive with an expired license (which, unfortunately happened while I was here in Japan).

Anyway, I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.