Hi Apuggers

I'm considering starting up a small photographic art group purely for those of us living in the South East Enlgand (this is quite loose though - including the SE midlands, East Anglia, London and the South coast and all environs there-in - although this can be extended if the person is able and willing to travel to meetings).

This will be a "real" group (as opposed to online) that meets regularly (probably quarterly), and aims to work towards an Annual exhibition somewhere. The idea is for group critique of work, discussion of new ideas/ approaches/ themes etc, encouragement of members' progress etc. I do not envisage the group being about producing work for others, or accolades/ medals/ awards etc (I'm talking about print competitions and RPS attainments here) and I would prefer members to be like me in that they avoid that kind of competitiveness in their approach. Nor will it be about gear, or camera technicalities - not a camera club.

I am looking for people who are creative in their work, produce high quality images as prints (using any method) and who are committed to personal development and improvement in their work. Alt process, digital, film, pinhole etc makes no difference.

I imagine it will start with meeting up in a pub occasionally, having a drink and showing some work - discussing the pictures and perhaps formulating a plan to get some gallery shows arranged. I want it to be as social as possible, whilst still providing meaningful content for all members over and above a drink and a chat.

If you think the above is something you could be part of, please email me through my website page.