Dear Michael W,

Firstly, I do not know if anyone from HARMAN has come back to you yet, regardless its not a problem, I will sort it.

I have checked if we have any QC's pending, we have none on any film at present. I have seen 'black spot' before and it can have various causes, never say never but I can virtually guarantee its not the film, but we need it back at the factory to make absolutely sure, and check it under the electron microscope to explain what actually caused it, and what it is.

As to PAN F+ being 'fragile'..... I do not know where that came from, PAN F+ is not fragile, I do know all the manufacturing parameters regarding the physical structure and performance of our films and PAN F+ is as robust as all our other emulsions.

So please pm me with your details : And send the exposed film to us in the UK marked for my attention and I will ensure tech service look at it for you, and of course give you an explanation

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN tcehnology Limited :