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If you ever feel that someone is confronting you needlessly, go into 'innocent tourist' mindset and it will all be fine. If you have a Southern accent, even better! Play it up. When I want to shoot in the street downtown, I put on a touristy outfit, and I can do almost anything. Wear a sweatshirt that says 'San Francisco' on it and you have the closest thing to diplomatic immunity you will probably ever experience.
The sweatshirt sounds like an excellent idea.

Depending on what kind of camera you are using, learn a bit about various neighborhoods. There are few truly dangerous areas, but there are places where I don't like being alone carrying a few hundred or thousands dollars worth of easily-transported materials.
Any advice you have in that regard would be greatly appreciated. I plan to make a map showing the Starbucks, Fedex places, and film stores. It would be nice to be able to mark up a map with areas to steer clear of. I was stationed on Treasure Island in the 70s and have been there a few times since, doing the walking photo expedition thing, but places change over time and, while I plan to stick mostly to the core of the city, I won't be focusing on tourist areas like Pier 39, etc.