Does anyone know of any "public" darkrooms in northern New Jersey? The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey closed theirs.

I first learned of VAC's public darkrooms about six years ago in a photography chatroom, and two years later I was able to stop by to check out the Center.

Four years later, I checked out their website this past weekend, and did not find anything regarding these darkrooms, so I send them an email inquiring about them.

I received a response from Bruce Lyons, Communications & Marketing Manager for the Center in Summit, NJ ( His response: "We no longer have darkrooms as we now only offer classes in digital photography and Photoshop."

While I'm aware Photoshop can be used to turn digitally-captured images into works of art, "analog" capture (i.e., film) is still very much a viable medium. I think the Center's knee-jerk reaction by closing their darkrooms is step in the wrong direction. (Because of this, I may avail myself of their Photoshop instruction.)

I don't want to enroll in a course at the local community college, County College of Morris ( just to have access to the darkroom; this isn't an option for me.

It is a sad day, indeed.

Dieter Zakas