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So, I would like to try this test with my medium format film... However, my only controllable light source is my condenser enlarger. Is there a way to determine how long my exposure time (i.e., time the enlarger is switched on) for contact printing for a given enlarger height and lens aperture? I have a spot meter and a gray card, and for some reason that seems like all I should really need to determine a length of time for which to expose the film. But I'm clueless about how to determine a contact exposure time given a light meter's reading of f-stop and shutter speed.
Phil Davis details this in his book BTZS. This Google search will show you various peoples experiences with that.

I'm unsure if your light meter and grey card are sufficient. I think you need to use an integrating light meter or perform some preliminary tests, but I neither read nor performed the testing as described in BTZS so you'd best wait for replies from those who have used it or alternatively read through the search results I gave you.