Regardless of one's preference for digital or traditional photography, the fundamentals of photography are best learned in the darkroom.

Yes, one can learn how to make photographs using only digital means but the purpose of an educational institution is to increase the students' KNOWLEDGE of a subject. To truly gain knowledge of how to use an manipulate light to make an image, one needs to actually work directly with light to make images.

If a learning institution simply wants to have a "photography" course for the student's recreational benefit, a course in digital photography is all right but, if they want to teach the art and science of photography, they are not serving their students well by having only digital.

The college where I work has moved on to teaching, predominantly, digital photography but they still maintain a darkroom and the prerequisite for entry into the digital classes is one course in traditional, black and white photography.

I understand the desire to teach and concentrate on digital photography but I think an ART SCHOOL should be teaching ALL forms of photography, not just digital.