This is a disturbing trend, and I've seen it happen here as well. However, I would suggest to anyone interested in doing darkroom work to build themselves a darkroom. There are lots of equipment out there that's being given away, either for free or cheap enough. From the standpoint of anyone wanting to learn about darkroom work, their options are dwindling unless someone streps up to the plate and offers help on a one to one basis. What I sense from the younger photographers here is that they have a deep appreciation for the results film can offer, seeing the craft as a bit of a "lost art" discourages many from investing the time and energy into really learning the process. Let's face it, the digital work flow fits into the life and style of many photographers. I have a darkroom, have offered to build a community darkroom here and in other places, and not had much luck drumming up enough interest. I loan out film cameras, 35mm, medium format as well as large format, have taken folks out on shoots and taught them how to use large format, develop film, and print. We lost one of the great teachers just recently and I fear that the ranks of people out there willing to be proactive with promoting darkroom work is dwindling. If you know it, pass it on.