Hi Brian,
I processed my 120 Acros for 9 minutes 20 degrees C. The Massive Dev Chart said 8 minute. I don't know why, but my negs with the Dev Chart has always come out slightly under developed and I always have to print with a grade 3 or 4 filter using Foma MG paper. The agitation is constant agitation for the first 30 secs, then 10 secs per minute there after. Keep in mind that I print with a diffusion color dichroic head, not a condenser head. Maybe that why I have to print on a higher grade. APUGers rave about Xtol because you can shoot at box speeds. I find that HC-110 you'll have to lower your ASA a bit to get the nice shadow detail. I've been using Xtol for 8 months now and I finally found a film that works well with it. The other film that I regularly use, Arista EDU Ultra looks a little soft with Xtol. Good luck!