I see people begging for reasonable E6, BW and medium format services but they are almost non-existent.

Film scanning services (fair price and outstanding quality) are also a money maker.

But, business people are not imaginative. They just want to read Entrepreneur magazine and follow the crowd.

Truisms at ten paces? Show me the crowd control issues for local police forces keeping those dip-n-dunk customers calm.

Banks don't carry lines of credit on imagination. Valuations of indy photo labs, pro or otherwise, tanked years ago. They bailed because they weren't profitable, OK?
My surviving pro lab finally dropped all film services last year. Why? A trickle of film customers and machinery they couldn't justify repairing. They're still afloat and seem to be enjoying a "last man standing" niche market that's been stable. I'm going further afield and paying more for film services that plainly aren't robust businesses. Amateurs dragging in a few rolls a month and ordering a few 8x10s don't pay the bills.

How do you invent customers? Answer that and you're set!