I just finished developing my first batch of negatives using Pyrocat HD. The mid and upper range tonality is excellent. I used this with TriX and Bergger BPF 200 in 4X5 (tray developed) and also FP4 and Bergger BPF 200 in 8X10 and 12X20 (brush developed). I developed the 4X5 film at the 1-2-100 dilution and the 8X10 and 12X20 film at the 2-2-100 dilution (for reasons of increased contrast with Azo). I noticed an increase in EI with Bergger (100 vs 64).

I did notice increased grain in the 4X5 negatives over ABC Pyro (visible in even toned sky). However this is not problematic at 11X14 enlargements. Obviously grain is not an issue when contact printing. Accutance with Pyrocat HD is very good.

If I were going to plan on extreme enlargements from 4X5 (16X20 and above) I would plan on using another developer. Since I rarely enlarge above 11X14, I will probably continue with Pyrocat HD on my 4X5 film.